Jewels in the Lotus Flower

I am very lucky to live right below Shinnyodo Temple in Kyoto. There’s almost always something in bloom. I took a walk around the temple grounds yesterday to enjoy the rich green of early summer.

First, I stopped by the bell tower, where there are some great ajisai (hydrangea) in bloom. They form a nice backdrop to this Kannon figure.

Next door to Shinnyodo is Kurodani Temple, which is home to Saiun-in subtemple. Saiun-in has a nice collection of lotus plants growing in front of the main hall. The lotus plant, of course, is a significant figure in Buddhism and the central mantra of Buddhism proclaims that the Buddha is the jewel in the lotus flower.

The jewel in the lotus flower:

The jewel in the lotus leaf:

Another flower in bloom at Shinnyodo:

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