Chris Rowthorn Interviewed On Talk Travel Asia

Travel Talk Asia podcast

I was recently interviewed by Scott Coates and Trevor Ranges for their Talk Travel Asia website/podcast. The topic of the show was “How to plan a high-value Asian vacation”. You can find the podcast here.

Travel Talk Asia If you don’t know it, I highly recommend you check out Talk Travel Asia. Trevor and Scott have been in Asia for decades and have explored widely in the region. Scott was the co-owner of the excellent Smiling Albino Tours until his recent move to Kuala Lumpur. Trevor is a Bangkok-based travel writer who has written for Fodors and National Geographic. They’ve both got deep experience living and travelling in Asia, and they know just about everyone in the field, so, needless to say, they bring a lot to any discussion of travel in Asia.

Trevor, Scott and I discussed how to plan a great trip to Asia. I shared with them things I’ve learned travelling in Asia for Lonely Planet Guidebooks, exploring on my own, and running my own travel company, Chris Rowthorn Tours. I tried to emphasize the importance of not over-planning a trip, and trying to build in room for spontaneity. I also shared some of the things I’ve learned about travelling with small children.

Please give the podcast a listen and check out some of their other excellent discussions of travel in Southeast Asia and beyond!