A Brilliant Guide to Tokyo for Food Lovers (and everyone else, too)

I just discovered a brilliant online guide to Tokyo that I’d like to introduce here: Tokyo Travel Guide for Food Lovers.

This great guide to Tokyo is written by the American food/travel blogger Mark Wiens and published on his excellent and hunger-inducing blog Migrationology.com.

As the title suggests, his guide is aimed at food lovers, but it would be useful for anyone planning a trip to Tokyo, whether or not their trip is focused on food. Actually, writing that makes me wonder if anyone visits Tokyo without focusing on food. You’d be crazy not to, since Tokyo is one of the world’s greatest food cities.

Mark is incredibly passionate about food and travel and his passion shines right though in his blog posts and videos and he really does his research. I particularly like his 25 Things to Do in Tokyo video that appears in his Tokyo Travel Guide for Food Lovers post – it’s embedded above if you want to watch it right now.

Check out Mark’s wonderful food pictures, read his excellent recommendations, and, while you’re there, pick up some useful information on such things as transport and accommodation. And, if you’re like me, you’ll probably find yourself following links on Mark’s site to his other excellent posts on food in places like Bangkok, Burma and Malaysia.